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Red Hot Document Consultants, is one of the largest consular legalization and export letter of credit companies in the United States. Serving freight forwarders and exporters for several decades, who desired a hassle free network and IT environment after being exposed to nearly 3+ years of constant network, remote access, remote printing and a host of other problems which their current provider had not been able to resolve.

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To resolve satellite office slow performance to corporate network, address virtual desktop issues related to performance and printing. Reduce overall downtime without driving-up cost to achieve the desired results.


RHDC's previous Houston IT outsourcing company had them setup with a private cloud at local data-center in Houston. Where-in RHDC purchased server hardware, software and various subscriptions to backup and other services. RHDC's  previous company also happen to be a Citrix partner and naturally deployed the solution that made money for them and not what would work for RHDC.

RHDC's CEO - Mr Rehmatulla, was dissatisfied at the current performance and systems, he elected to move their infrastructure back to the office with an on-premise solution. We designed a new environment to take advantage of VMware virtualization, Microsoft servers and Terminal Services for Remote Desktop.

We built out the local environment on newly purchased dell servers setup as a cluster with a clustered SAN solution. Our parallel environment in the office was setup during the week with a brand new AD forest and perfo0rmed a migration over the weekend. The entire system was migrated and live by Sunday morning with all local desktops migrated to the new domain.


A fast and efficient local network with builtin redundancy and an 80% improvement in performance for all remote desktops. Printing issues due to driver compatibility with Citrix were resolved and printing performance was enhanced with real-time software compression to achieve near real-time printing.

A significant improvement which normally would take a 2 page document with 30% content coverage upwards of 8+ minutes, was shrunk down to less than 20 seconds. The net result was that RHDC's employee productivity improved by triple digits as there was virtually no lag or wait for printing and virtual desktop performance was enhanced for faster screen refreshes using data compression


113% Productivity Improvement

40% less Cost of Ownership

135% ROI

From The Client

“After suffering 3+ years with our current IT outsourcing company in Houston. We were referred to CloudWiseTech and were impressed at their approach, presentation and commitment to get us where we needed to go. We were a little gun-shy as we did not believe that they would be any different. They made a commitment that if they were not able to deliver a substantial and measurable difference in our environment, that they would not embarrass them selves by raising an invoice.  That was really the game-changer which pushed us over the edge to engage CloudWiseTech.”

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