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Ajit Thakur CPA, a well known, highly respected and sought after CPA in Houston, had been exposed to the dirty side of IT services in Houston by way of not being taken care of by his chosen IT outsourcing company in Houston. Mr Thakur simply wanted an efficient office network, secured data and a BDR solution to guarantee business continuity.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%
Return on Investment of 272%
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Server out of storage space along with computer, network and accounting software updates and upgrades causing loss of time and productivity. Current IT Consulting Company in Houston had indicated that Mr. Thakur will need a new server as the existing server was beyond its expected life and not upgrade-able. In addition to this the wireless network was not secure and required attention.


Migrated server OS and data from old hard drive to a new drive with larger capacity. Refreshed all the workstations and replaced a failed network switch with a new managed switch. Also consolidated network data and re-organized drives and shares.

The previous environment had no security or group policies in place so we were able to fix a lot of the poorly managed portion of AD and the network in general. Secured the wireless network and LAN with group membership, OU and security and rights management. Setup a Linux based backup server with real-time data sync and point-in-time restore.


Saved on hardware cost by upgrading existing server and hard drive, secured the local network and wireless access to LAN. Put in place a backup and disaster recovery strategy with the use of Linux to safeguard data from malicious attacks such as Cryptowall or accidental deletion of data.

Overall project cost $4000, Hardware savings over $15,000, ROI = 275%. Piece of Mind and Customer Satisfaction = Priceless.

0.00% Downtime

Cost 45% Less Than Previous Provider

275% ROI

From The Client

“I was referred to Neil from CloudWiseTech by a good friend and an existing satisfied client of CloudWiseTech. I have to give Neil and Company a standing ovation, not only did they fix our issues, but they never tried to up-sell us on new equipment like our last Houston IT Outsourcing Company.

They are prompt to respond, are very professional in their approach and very well organized. Its refreshing to experience when compared to our last provider. I felt like was family, something that our last company did not do and more importantly they gave us options and presented the pros and cons, enabling us to make an educated decision on how we want our IT environment.”

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