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Virtual Desktop as a Service

Grow and scale your business without the hassle of purchasing, installing and configuring hardware and software with our cwOffice hosted desktop service.

What Is Virtual Desktop Hosting?

With Cloudwise Techs' virtual desktop hosting services your employees can do everything they normally do on their desktop, but now they can do it from anywhere at any time. Our hosted virtual desktops guarantee accessibility, security, and redundancy.

Using our virtualized desktop infrastructure, you have access to business computing environment from any internet connected device.

With cwOffice (Cloudwise Office) virtual desktop hosting services you can now deploy virtual desktops infrastructure the way you want. With cwOffice, you have the flexibility to use VDI in the cloud or implement our virtual desktop infrastructure on premise in your office by using our VDI Appliance.


No matter your preference, we manage and support all the hardware, software and upgrades for free with all of the solutions provided by cwOffice. And it's all guaranteed by our no-nonsense industry leading service level agreement - up to 100%! 

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Thinking about buying new hardware, or upgrading your existing equipment but concerned about the cost of new hardware? Heard about VDI and cloud-hosted desktops, but not sure if its right for your business? Connect to your virtual desktop from any device:


  • Access your virtual desktop from Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad, MAC)
  • Connect using Windows devices (Windows PCs, Windows Mobile Devices)
  • Easy Access from any Android device (Phones, PDAs, Tablets)
  • Connect using Linux computers


Access from anywhere on any device

Hosted desktops your business can now enjoy a new level of productivity and efficiency enabling your workforce to access your cwOffice desktop and applications from any device, at any time from any location.

Boost employee productivity

Hosted applications also enable your employees to work at their pace and get their tasks completed by being able to perform their job around their schedules and still meet professional goals.

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There are many benefits to using virtually hosted desktops. The main and obvious benefit of hosting your desktop in the cloud with a reputable and reliable cloud service provider is that there is no need for vendor installation or upgrades, low costs of operating hosted desktops over the traditional on-premise desktops and applications model, and there is hardly any risk and no long-term commitment.


We take care of backups and threat protection, and there is no need to purchase or maintain hardware and software. The investment in local software and hardware is reduced or eliminated, and there is no requirement for data synchronization with multiple devices which in itself is a significant relief, access is available globally for all users with privileges. However, the catch is that there does have to be a reliable Internet connection to access hosted desktops and application.

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Eliminate the cost of installing, running and managing desktops and application with our cwOffice virtually hosted desktop hosting services.




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