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Cloud Backup & Sync

High availability of your business data with the benefit of secure backup and easy remote access.

What is a Cloud Backup & Sync?

Our cloud backup and sync services enable any business to store, sync and access business data from anywhere, using any device. Think of it as a backup solution for on-premise data as well as a data access solution for when you're away from your business.

As your data grows and the need to access your business data from any device, at any time the last thing you need is complexity. cwBSync offers one simple, low-cost solution to all your storage and data synchronization needs.


With Cloudwise Technologies cwBSync, your files on any on-premise storage device (NAS, SAN, File Server, PC Hard Disk) can be synced to our secure cloud storage services, enabling your business to store, share and access your company files from anywhere, with any device.


cwBSync is not only easily accessible but also offer excellent performance and security by working in conjunction with your on-premise file server/s


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cwBSync backup and sync services extend how you do business by providing unstoppable performance anywhere your business and employees need to work. With our policy based sync, your users can access important files in near real-time.


  • Mobile Access and Sharing – Storage Sync enables you to access and share your business files whether you are at the office, at home on the road with uninterrupted mobile access. Keep your business data at your fingertips 24x7
  • Localize Files for Remote Branch Offices – Instant access to data on your local server while using cwBSync technology to make it available instantly in the cloud for remote users to access. Large files (design files, drawings, etc.) or bandwidth constraints, cwBSync  high-performance local storage sync typically outpaces the cloud
  • Cross Office Collaboration – cwBSync can be deployed on heterogeneous storage devices and across an unlimited number of locations, enabling real-time file sync across multiple offices. Say goodbye to expensive cross-site data replication systems. Employees across multiple locations can collaborate as if they were in the same room. File conflicts are handled elegantly by email notifications and file versioning
  • Policy Based File Sync – cwBSync policy-based sync lets you prioritize particular kinds of data for sync when dealing with a large number of records. IT teams can set policies to prioritize syncing by file-type or last modified time. Making it possible for the most relevant files to sync faster than the rest. cwBSync can also be configured to exclude specific sensitive file types from getting synced
  • Secure File Backup – Storage Sync replicates local storage files with cwBSync File Servers, providing data redundancy and disaster recovery. All data is encrypted during transmission and at rest. Data redundancy architecture ensures that multiple copies of files are always available to protect against hardware failures or unexpected data loss. Also syncing data with other storage devices in another location for additional redundancy
  • Centralized Access Control – Enforce folder and subfolder permissions uniformly across cloud and local storage systems. cwBSync can ingest existing shares along with their access permissions. The cwBSync File Server/s becomes the central point for all ACL changes. cwBSync supports full AD, LDAP and SSO integration's enabling you to centralize user account management. cwBSync also boasts robust audit reporting to monitor usage and access permission changes across all users.

Access from anywhere on any device

All your data remotely accessible and securely backed up with cwbSync. Stop throwing away your hard earned money on backup software and hardware solutions that have an annual renewal cost to use.

Boost employee productivity

With cwBSync, your employees can now work offline and in their own time, which gives your business an unfair competitive advantage over your competitor. Plus your employee's productivity goes through the roof.

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There are many benefits to hosted applications, the primary a clear benefit of hosting your applications in the cloud is that there is no need for vendor installation or upgrades, low costs of operating hosted applications over the traditional on-premise application server model, and there is hardly any risk and no long-term commitment.


In almost all the cases cloud service provider takes care of backups and virus protection, and there is absolutely no need to purchase or maintain hardware and software. Eliminate the Investment in local software and hardware, as well as unnecessary data duplication on multiple devices which in itself is a significant relief; access is available globally for all users with privileges. However, the catch is that there does have to be a reliable Internet connection to access hosted application.

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