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Lower application support costs by taking advantage of our high availability cloud hosted application services.

What is a Hosted Application?

Cloud hosted applications are just like your desktop applications, with the exception that they are not installed locally on your device. But are made centrally available from the cloud through a cloud hosting provider like Cloudwise Technologies.

If you use Facebook, Twitter or even Gmail for that matter, you're primarily using an application hosted at an (ASP) application service provider. Your business applications are no different. If you run a business and have the need to share and distribute applications such as quick-books with your team, the most efficient and reliable way to distribute traditional client-server based applications is to locate and share then from the cloud centrally, hence the need for a cloud hosting provider who offers application hosting services.


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Application Hosting often referred to as “on-demand software.” or is also commonly known as “software as a service,” or SaaS. There are many different application provider types. They are:


  • A vertical market ASP – Offer application solutions packaged for a particular kind of customer, such as a doctor’s office
  • A specialist or functional ASP – Offers a single purpose application, such as the processing of credit card payments.
  • Enterprise ASP – Delivery of broad spectrum commonly used application in a corporate / enterprise environment.
  • Localized ASP – Offer small business hosted application services, delivered to a restricted geographical area.
  • Volume ASP – A specialist ASP which provides a hosted application or service designed to deliver low-cost solutions through their website. PayPal is a great example of this type of service.


Access from anywhere on any device

Hosted application bring a new level of productivity and efficiency enabling your workforce to access your hosted applications from any device, at any time from any location.

Boost employee productivity

Hosted applications also enable your employees to work at their pace and get their tasks completed by being able to perform their job around their personal schedules and still meet professional goals.

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There are many benefits to hosted applications, the primary and obvious benefits of hosting your applications in the cloud is that there is no need for vendor installation or upgrades, lower costs of operating hosted applications over the traditional on-premise application server model, and there is hardly any risk and no long-term commitment.


In almost all cases the cloud service provider takes care of backups and virus protection, and there is absolutely no need to purchase or maintain hardware and software. 


Doing so eliminates the need for local software and hardware, and there is no need for data synchronization with multiple devices which in itself is a significant relief, access is available globally for all users with privileges. However, the catch is that there does have to be a reliable Internet connection to access hosted application.

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